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Email Template Design Pro Tips You Have To Follow

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How do you make sure your messages stand out in a subscriber’s inbox? This is a great content, for one. But another extremely important factor: email design. The Eye-catching emails that effectively communicate the message will improve metrics like open rates, click through rates, conversions.

Luckily, The email templates are an easy & time-efficient way to create beautifully branded messages. Email Service Providers have some to choose from. In fact, AWeber has more than 700 templates in the platform.

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Before you begin to drag & drop your content into a template, though, there are a few design pro tips you have to know. Follow these 6 simple tricks to get the most out of every template.

Pick the right template for the job

You want to welcome a new reader? Update them on the new product? Announce a huge sale? With hundreds of templates to select from, you want to pick a design that best suits the goal.

(Want a more customized template that perfectly matches your website/brand? Click here to work one-on-one with an AWeber designer to create one.)

For example, if you’re an AWeber customer who wants to send a welcome letter to new subscribers, you may select the “tidal” template. Just add in your own text, logo, and personalization.

If you want to get the subscribers excited about an upcoming sale, catch their attention right away. Lead them right to your discount, coupon, or offer. Here is a simple, but effective design you might pick:

Keep your design clean & focused

Choice is the enemy of conversion. If you give a person too several options, it makes it difficult for them to create a final decision, according to psychologist Barry Schwartz, who named this phenomenon “the paradox of choice.”

Keep in mind as you choose/weak an email template. The design should be a path that leads the reader toward your ultimate goal. In too several other routes and your reader may never get where you want them to go.

To advise you an idea, here is an instance from Moo, a custom print and design company. It is a clean and focused email design that effectively promotes products. As a reader, you know what the email’s goal is — to make you want to buy something!

We choose this design because it:

  • Follows a simple “Z” pattern layout, which means it easily moves the eyes in a zigzag that alternates text & images.
  • Consists of minimal elements & concise writing for a streamlined look.
  • Includes visual examples of every product to minimize the use of long chunks of text & to show off their array of products.
  • Creates defined sections for every product with the use of thin dividers.
  • Contains lots of white space to draw your attention to the images.
  • Incorporates large “call to action” product buttons for easy navigation to their website.

Make an eye-catching header

While you want your email template to reflect the brands, you do not need it to look exactly like the website. You need to draw your reader’s attention to the necessary elements within your email — not overwhelm them with something that looks like a site.

If your email could serve its purpose without the navigation bar, take it out like the Burberry email.

The purpose of this email is to advertise their trench coat line & the design visually showcases this very well & plays up their brand. With the multi-tan color palette, you instantly know that it is Burberry. The well-structured grid layout makes for a seamless flow of design as well.

Balance your text-to-image ratio

When choosing or changing a template, keep the text-to-image ratio in mind. Text-to-image ratio is how much text there’s in comparison to images in the email.

There is no such thing as the perfect “text-to-image ratio”, but most people stick with 60% text and 40% images.

  1. The“Image-only” emails risk going to the SPAM folder since the email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo! Hotmail tend to filter & block them.
  2. Images might be ‘turned off’ as default by viewers or by their email client.
  3. Images could take longer than text to load based on browser & internet connection. A subscriber might leave the email before they have seen all the content.

Utilize alt text for images

When you include images in the messages, they may/may not always display in the email clients they were sent to. That is because several email services will disable images in messages that are sent to users, if the user not actually verifies that they do indeed want to see the images.

Absolutely. 48% of mobile clients will block images by default, according to the email testing platform called Litmus. Whether you set up alt text, the description will appear where the images were supposed to go. If you do not, your reader will just see blank boxes.

Alt text is also important for your subscribers with visual/certain cognitive disabilities. They might have a screen reader that can read the alt text to them so they get a full understanding of what is included in your message.

If you’re using AWeber’s Drag & Drop editor, click here to see how to set up alt text for the images.

Pro Tip: Not whole images need alt text. If your image is purely for the aesthetics of the email, ensure to set an empty alt text value for the image.

Test your message

Mistakes could make you look unprofessional & sloppy. One bad experience might be enough to turn a subscriber away for good.

It only takes an extra minute or 2, but the payoff is huge. We even recommend sending the test email to a couple people you trust & who are not afraid to give you an honest critique. They offer a fresh pair of eyes that might catch something you did not.

You should send the test to accounts in different email services like Gmail, Yahoo! Outlook. Here at AWeber, every our marketing specialists has about 3 to 5 different test email accounts so they could review our messages & templates in multiple platforms before we hit the send button.

Always test on different devices — desktop, tablet, and mobile — if possible. Sometimes an email template you chose on desktop may have formatting issues on a cell phone. AWeber’s email templates are all mobile-responsive, but we cannot vouch for all other ESPs, so test to make sure.


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