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Logo Bucket Review – Logo Templates for Various Industries

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Logo Bucket Review

Logo Bucket is brand new merchandise by Alfiyan, this item is package of professional and higher quality logo design, available on AI (Adobe Illustrator) and PS (Photoshop) formats. With this product you will receive 1000 high quality logos, ready to use or personalize to your own company logo. In my head, this product can save yourself a whole lot of cash for logo design, as we understand professional logo design can be expensive, up to $500 per emblem right.

With this product, you’ll get 1000 professional logo templates, fast and easy to edit using adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. You will get lot of professional logo templates for all kind and type of business such as, Communications, Beauty, Construction, Photography, Financial, Environmental, Fitness, Animal and Pet, Technology, Fashion, Media, Real Estate, Food and Drinks, E-Commerce and many more. For more information scroll down below.Logo Bucket Review

  • Item Type: Bundle
  • Skill Required: Fundamental Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Skill

Logo Bucket Review — Characteristics

As I said above, this item is professional logo package, you’ll get 1000 professional logo design ready to customize or use. Below is the details:

Personal License:

  • 1000 Logo Templates
  • Vector and Bitmap Files
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Personal License
  • Priority Support

Commercial License:

  • 1000 Logo Templates
  • Vecor and Bitmap Files
  • Tutorial Videos
  • 2 Bonuses Worth $600
  • Commercial License
  • Priority Support

Below is couple feature of Logo Bucket:

Logo Bucket Bonuses

Bonus 1 — Into The Wild Logo Creator Kit

You can now create virtually all of the outdoor activities logo with this kit, it merely limited by your imagination. Here are the thing you will get: 240 Icons, 200 Badges, 200 Ribbons, Soil Texture, Awesome Fonts, Handcrafted Premade Logos.

Imagine how many logo or illustration which you can create with this founder kit, possibly creating layouts for yourself, customers, or use it for end products, this founder kit can allow you to get them done fast and easily.

Bonus 2 — Instagram Templates

Created for entrepreneur, store owners, small business, startup, blogger, founder & artist who have lively branding style. With 20 programs included, can help you make brilliant and stunning posts effortlessly.

This Templates cover All these article categories: Article, Podcast, Vlog, Catalog, Check Out New Post, Coupon Code, Discount, Event, Complete Picture, Info Announcement, Live Announcement, Logo Reveal, Poll, Product Launch, Quiz, Quote, Shop Today, Testimonial, Tips, Website Promotion.

Logo Bucket Review Conclusion

Thank you very much for read my Logo Bucket review, this is my judgment. In my mind this product is fantastic price, you’ll get 1000 professional logo design, ready to use and personalize with Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, if you do not know how to edit PS or AI, do not worry as you’ll receive complete step-by-step tutorial how to edit the templates, so you can follow along with step-by-step tutorial.

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