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Xmarketer Inbox Review: Cross-platform Lead and Customer Service Management

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Xmarketer Inbox Review: Cross-platform Lead and Customer Service Management

At some point in your ecommerce professional career, you’re going to feel as if you are overwhelmed with leads and customer support requests. Current users, customers, and potential clients are constantly trying to converse with you and your customer support/sales team.

The problem is that the leads and consumer requests come from all around the world wide web, into your email inbox, on your site, and through social channels–making it difficult to check on on all platforms. In this Xmarketer Inbox review, we will talk about an excellent solution to this problem.

It brings together a number of modern tools for marketing, sales, and customer service, and you are ready to pick and choose which of the merchandise you want for reasonable pricing.

Xmarketer provides two products that we won’t be reviewing now: Messages and Articles. The first is meant for sending out targeted messages at specific times, while Articles has powerful tools for generating and publishing useful content to your knowledgebase. Both look promising, but we’re focusing on Xmarketer Inbox, the solution for handling conversations with customers and leads.Xmarketer Inbox Review

Xmarketer Inbox Review: How Might It Boost Your Ecommerce Business?

Before looking into the principal attributes from Xmarketer Inbox, it’s important to understand exactly how it might help boost your sales and increase your online business overall.

As we mentioned previously, messages come in from all sorts of different places online. This includes social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, together with the multiple email inboxes your organization may have. In addition to that, your company may have user programs. And that’s not even including the contact forms, chat boxes, and ticketing systems in your site.

Let’s say you have one person on your customer support team and a second person working sales. The customer care rep has to field questions on Facebook, the ticketing system, live chat, and the contact type. The sales person is pretty much in exactly the exact same boat, and they have to decipher between which messages are meant for which department.

Overall, your communications system becomes a mess, with several platforms and websites being checked on a daily basis. This configuration makes for slower customer support, lost leads, and much less than successful workers.

That is why it’s essential to bring all those communications into one dashboard. Let us see if Xmarketer Inbox is your solution.

Xmarketer Inbox Review: What Are The Best Attributes?

The most important tool you receive when registering for the Inbox package is your Xmarketer Messenger. This permits you to talk to people wherever you are located. For instance, you may be on a plane before takeoff and need to reply to a customer. In this case, you would be able to send the message in your phone. The same goes for your website, and any other locations you could typically be communicating with individuals.

What are a few of the other standout attributes from Xmarketer Inbox?

A Multi-channel Interface

This ties into the Xmarketer Messenger, as it is the primary dashboard where all of your messages are routed. Email marketing is available, so you’re able to direct any message into the Xmarketer inbox with no hassle.

Furthermore, Facebook and Twitter connect to the inbox, cutting yet another messaging interface and bringing it all together on Xmarketer.

An Inbox for Your Entire Team

One of the best parts about the Xmarketer Inbox is that it is designed for teams of all sizes. You can create teams so that the right messages get delivered to the perfect people, and you are also able to establish customer profiles so the customer support reps see exactly who they’re talking to.

The notes and cites attribute is very important to providing quality client service, since one sales or service rep sees what others have talked about with the same customer in the past. Tagging comes in handy for VIP or trouble clients, along with the lead qualification profiles record all the conversations you have while in a conversation.

Finally, the team inbox is accessible through iOS and Android apps. This way, you’re able to provide extended hours, even if your customer support reps are on the train or at home. This might not be used by all businesses, but I know that it’s becoming more and more popular to provide 24/7 customer service with the repetitions on-call at home.

An Operator Bot

The operator bot a part of the automated workflow below, but it’s worth putting in its own class. The cause of this is because the bot operator suggests articles based on what your customers or potential customers ask. Thus, your sales and support reps do not need to interact with all the conversations, because you have artificial intelligence digging through your knowledgebase content for you.

This will surely be cut back on the time spent with clients, seeing as how many clients simply need an report to get where they need to go.

Automated Workflows

One of them helps you assign conversations based on data from the client or company. Thus, you may see that one client is a current user and has no need to be sent throughout the sales process. Saved replies come in handy as well, seeing as how you can create canned responses and send those out with the click of a button.

I also enjoy the round robin assignment tool, which takes a look at how many representatives you have on the team, then it assigns the messages and calls to every person equally. This also combines well with the tracking system, since you know that everyone is given an equal opportunity to serve customers.

Excellent Insights into Your Sales and Customer Service

A big part of running sales and customer support teams is evaluating how well all of the employees are doing. A lot of this has to do with seeing how your company can improve, but it also factors into when you will need to give increases or fire someone.

You will also find information about when your busiest times are and the number of conversations are going on in real-time.

A highly advantageous portion of these stats is the capacity to observe leads and lead resources. Basically, it displays how many leads are being generated by the system, along with which of the messages being sent out are most likely to convert people into clients. Pair this with the Salesforce integration and you’re well on your way to creating a completely streamlined procedure.

The Xmarketer Inbox pricing is totally separate from the other Xmarketer products, so you are not getting anything else besides the Inbox tool. Having said that, the Inbox pricing is pretty straightforward, with monthly, affordable plans based on how many sales/customer service seats are required.

The cost per seat is $19 per month. The only catch is that you’re required to pay for at least two chairs.

Consequently, the minimum amount you will have to pay is $38 per month for 2 chairs.

Each additional seat requires a charge of $19 per month, so there is no discount with bigger teams. But if you have more than 15 seats you are going to need to chat with sales. This may get you some type of special service or discount, but it is not guaranteed.


The $19 per seat pricing is considered the Essential Plan. Xmarketer Inbox also offers a Pro Strategy, which has the following pricing and advantages:

Pro Plan (2 seats) — $78 per month

What separates the Crucial Plan from the Pro Plan?

The Essential Plan provides a wide selection of features that nearly all small and mid-sized businesses will be OK with.

  • Xmarketer messenger
  • Operator bot
  • Email forwarding
  • Team inboxes
  • Assign conversations
  • Office hours
  • Response times
  • Social integrations
  • Notes and mentions
  • Much more

As for the Pro Strategy, you get everything in the Essential Plan, with the addition of the following attributes:

  • Try-Shopify
  • Permissions
  • Unbranded messaging
  • Messenger visibility
  • Round robin assignment
  • Operator bot meeting scheduling
  • Assignment rules
  • CSAT surveys

Finally, Xmarketer Inbox includes a trial, whenever you want, and you may cancel any plan. There are no cancellation fees or contracts.

Who Should Consider Xmarketer Inbox for Their Ecommerce Business?

The cool thing about Xmarketer Inbox is that all company sizes can benefit from its features. It’s a little strange that you’re forced to pay for at least two chairs on your team, but the $38 per month minimum isn’t bad for all of the lead productions and customer service tools you receive.

I’d argue that any ecommerce business could use Xmarketer Inbox to its own advantage, since you’re in a position to speed up your sales and customer support process, while also making the job easier for the people working for you.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions about this Xmarketer Inbox review.

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